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Common causes for red eye or pink eye or conjunctivitis or signs of an unhealthy eye:

Infection, either viral or bacterial.

Allergic reaction.

Dry eye.

Sterile inflammation:

UV damage.

Autoimmune or manifestation of systemic disease.


Foreign body.

Abrasion, ulcer or injury.

Common symptoms and signs:

There are too many to list, but your eye doctor consultation online or in person frequently chats and teleconferences to addresses complaints of:

Redness , pain, hot to the touch, swelling, tearing, discharge, itching, pain when blinking, blurred or hazy or halo-ed vision, pain upon movement, veiled vision, flashes of light, floaters, irregular pupils, pain in the light, sudden vision loss, eye symptoms associated with headaches or nausea, numbness, dizzyness, difficulty with speach or muscle control. These are all reasons to get eye help online and get the prescription you need.

Also for: 

Lumps or bumps on the eye or eyelids or face. These are also common reasons for consulting an online eye doctor. Again, there are myriad symptoms, but some common ones are:

Acanthoma, skin cancers including basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas, pterygium, pinguecula, actinic keratosis, insect bites, dust mites, lice, dandruff, lesions that bleed...

According the NIH there are more that 8 million cases of bacterial conjunctivitis in the US each year and that is just one, singular, cause for red eyes.

What constitutes an eye urgency or emergency? Opinions vary widely, but a sudden loss of vision is an emergency, so is an alkaline burn to the eye for example with ammonia or limewash. In fact, suggests any sudden onset of visual symptoms is an urgency and a consultation with licensed doctors at EyeHelpOnline is indicated.

Click here to schedule a chat or video conference with an eye doctor online and receive eye care tips and the advice or prescription you need.

Common treatments for acute external eye disease include, but are not limited to something as simple as a home remedy, but usually include therapy like eye drops, antibiotics or antiinflammatory steroids or non-steroidal drops, lubricants or artificial tears. Some conditions require medications. Others are contagious. Some can be indicators of underelying systemic disease. Your eye doctor online can help you sort through the sympoms and signs of different conditions and give you strategies, tips, advice and the proper treatment plan.

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Our goal is to provide online eye doctor consults chats and video to anyone, anywhere, at any time.  Many patients we treat are traveling and don't have access to their usual providers, or they are people that need a second opinion, or need something taken care of right away. We mostly treat conditions of the eye, adnexa, eyelids, and skin that are visible or have visible symptoms. There are some limitations to telemedicine...checking internal health is limited in video conference. But if your condition is relatively straightforward it is easier to diagnose and cure. 

We are a growing global network of physicians in conjunction with OptoMed Eye Care, Practice Fusion and Patient Fusion Electronic Health Records. has provided comprehensive compassionate eye care since 2001. We provide a personal approach to each patient, and by regularly updating our online technology, we are the benchmark for telemedicine. We are firmly established in Austin, Texas., Book online now. We look forward to seeing you!

Why US?

  • Conveniently schedule online

  • Eye specialists licensed in the US and abroad

  • Encrypted and secure

  • HIPAA compliant

  • No insurance necessary

  • Over 20 years Experience and a growing network of doctors

  • Now accepting new patients.

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We provide comprehensive eye care to our patients. With doctors, neuro-ophthalmologists, and optometrists with over 20 years of broad experience in eye care ranging from pediatrics to family practice to LASIK and cataract surgery co-management.

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The week I moved to Ecuador I got a red eye and didn't know what I had. I needed help right away and the Dr online diagnosed my condition and prescribed the right medicine and it went away. It was so convenient and I was fine after that. I did it in my hotel room!

Payton Hillman

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