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Remote Eye Care

Are you on-the-go? Do you need a second opinion? Do you need the proper diagnosis and treatment for an eye problem or something in or around the eye?

Eye Help Online has been providing care since 2001. Our friendly, professional staff is ready to provide experienced world-class telemedicine.

Eye Help Online is designed to offer convenient online professional expert opinion and care, mostly for disease of the external eye and adnexa, and to help you get the proper referral if further care is indicated. Although internal eye disease is more difficult to manage remotely, our doctors rely on years of experience to help you through a difficult time. 

You can confide in our doctors and have complete confidence that our doctors can manage your case. With Eye Help Online you have the advantage of having a network of doctors to consult with and we have the ability to confer with other doctors within the group in order to provide sound medical advice.

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Hours of Operation

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Mon . Tues . Thurs . Fri: 9 am - 6 pm Central Standard Time
Sat: 4 pm - 8 pm Eastern Standard Time
Sun: Closed

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